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CAT-220 test - CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: CAT-220 CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional test January 2024 by team

CAT-220 CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional

Exam: CAT-220 CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The test consists of multiple-choice questions.
- Time: Candidates are given a specified amount of time to complete the exam.

Course Outline:
The CAT-220 CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional course is designed to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively work with CA Clarity PPM v12. The course covers various subjects related to project and portfolio management using CA Clarity PPM. The course outline includes the following topics:

1. Introduction to CA Clarity PPM
- Overview of project and portfolio management
- Introduction to CA Clarity PPM features and components
- Understanding the CA Clarity PPM architecture

2. Navigation and Basic Functionality
- Logging in and navigating the CA Clarity PPM interface
- Managing personal preferences and settings
- Understanding the basic functionality of CA Clarity PPM

3. Project Management
- Creating and managing projects in CA Clarity PPM
- Defining project tasks, milestones, and dependencies
- Tracking and reporting project progress

4. Resource Management
- Managing resources in CA Clarity PPM
- Allocating resources to projects and tasks
- Tracking resource availability and utilization

5. Portfolio Management
- Creating and managing portfolios in CA Clarity PPM
- Prioritizing and aligning projects within portfolios
- Monitoring and analyzing portfolio performance

6. Financial Management
- Managing project budgets and financials
- Tracking project costs and expenses
- Generating financial reports and forecasts

Exam Objectives:
The CAT-220 test aims to assess candidates' understanding of CA Clarity PPM v12 and their ability to effectively work with the software to manage projects, resources, portfolios, and financials. The test objectives include:

1. Understanding the core components and functionality of CA Clarity PPM.
2. Navigating the CA Clarity PPM interface and managing personal preferences.
3. Creating and managing projects, tasks, and milestones.
4. Allocating and tracking resources in CA Clarity PPM.
5. Creating and managing portfolios and aligning projects within portfolios.
6. Managing project budgets, costs, and financials.
7. Generating reports and analyzing project and portfolio performance.

Exam Syllabus:
The test syllabus covers the following topics:

- Introduction to CA Clarity PPM
- Overview of project and portfolio management
- Introduction to CA Clarity PPM features and components
- Understanding the CA Clarity PPM architecture

- Navigation and Basic Functionality
- Logging in and navigating the CA Clarity PPM interface
- Managing personal preferences and settings
- Understanding the basic functionality of CA Clarity PPM

- Project Management
- Creating and managing projects in CA Clarity PPM
- Defining project tasks, milestones, and dependencies
- Tracking and reporting project progress

- Resource Management
- Managing resources in CA Clarity PPM
- Allocating resources to projects and tasks
- Tracking resource availability and utilization

- Portfolio Management
- Creating and managing portfolios in CA Clarity PPM
- Prioritizing and aligning projects within portfolios
- Monitoring and analyzing portfolio performance

- Financial Management
- Managing project budgets and financials
- Tracking project costs and expenses
- Generating financial reports and forecasts
CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional
CA-Technologies Professional test

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CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional
Answer: A
Question: 36
Which operation is defined in Web Service Description Language (WSDL)?
A. Insert
B. Delete
C. Update
D. WriteObject
Answer: D
Question: 37
To deploy and run CA Clarity PPM, what do you need to install? (Choose three)
A. Client
B. Database
C. Reporting Server
D. Application Server
E. Connector for Microsoft SharePoint
Answer: B, C, D
Question: 38
In the CA Clarity PPM Process Engines event flow, what is the function of the Wakeup
A. Displays detailed Process Engines instance information
B. Triggers the Background Engine as soon an event is fired
C. Interacts with CA Clarity database on a consistent basis to proceed with the workflow
steps or instructions
D. Keeps track of all the executing process, controls the event flow, and helps manage the
Workflow Execution
Answer: B
Question: 39
Which security settings do you configure in CSA? (Choose three)
A. LDAP settings
B. Single Sign On
C. SSL Encryption
D. SMTP Server Authentication
E. Environment Port Authorization
Answer: A, B, C
Question: 40
In NSQL syntax, what is a group of similar or related data elements from one or more
tables called?
A. Metric
B. Dimension
C. Aggregation
D. Concatenation
Answer: B
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CA-Technologies Professional test - BingNews Search results CA-Technologies Professional test - BingNews ca-technologies No result found, try new keyword!© 2023 Fortune Media IP Limited. All Rights Reserved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy | CA Notice at Collection and ... Mon, 21 Sep 2020 10:58:00 -0500 en text/html California students may not be ready for new science test

Next month California students will start to be tested on the state’s new science standards for the first time, but with little instruction in the subject in elementary school and few aligned textbooks they aren’t likely to be ready.

The state had to develop the new test aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, adopted in 2013, to replace the old standards put in place in 1998. The new standards, which begin in kindergarten, emphasize critical thinking over rote memorization, more hands-on science projects and require students to investigate, collect and use data, and provide evidence-based explanations for what they discover.

As mandated by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, California is required to provide the science test to 5th- and 8th-grade students, and once to each student in high school beginning in 10th grade.

It was offered to a sampling of California students as a pilot test in 2017 and as a field test to students in 5th, 8th and 10th grades last year. This is the first year that the online science tests will be fully operational.

Although students will begin taking the California Science Test in March, most school districts have yet to approve textbooks or materials aligned to the new standards adopted six years ago by the State Board of Education. Still, federal law is requiring California to begin testing this year.

Arlene Laurison demonstrates that wax will burn without a wick during a science class at Sheldon High School in Sacramento recently.

“Transitioning to new learning expectations and new assessments takes time and determination,” said Ilene Straus, vice president of the State Board of Education. “Getting it right is important. The good news is California is headed in the right direction and is making real progress.”

A handful of the state’s school districts have adopted textbooks or materials aligned to the new science standards, but many have not, said Jessica Sawko, executive director of the California Science Teachers Association. The California Department of Education and State Board of Education do not track those numbers, according to state officials.

While waiting for formal approval of textbooks, many districts have begun teaching to meet the standards, developing their own materials or making use of resources from reliable sources, Sawko said.

State education officials have invested thousands of hours since the Next Generation Science Standards were adopted, developing a state implementation plan, building a science curriculum framework and preparing for the California Science Test, among other things.

California’s science test will be one of the most robust tests aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards in the country, said Trish Williams, who served on the State Board of Education from 2011 to 2018 and took a lead role in the development and implementation of the new standards. “A great deal of work has gone into it.”

The test is likely to be a struggle for many 5th-grade students, who often have had little exposure to science while in elementary school. Science has taken a backseat to math and studying in elementary school, with few students having access to quality science education in early grades, according to a 2018 report from the Public Policy Institute of California. The lack of emphasis on science was exacerbated under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, as schools worked diligently to Excellerate test scores in math and English Language Arts to avoid federal sanctions.

Generally, elementary school teachers spent three times as much time teaching math and English language arts in 2018 as they did science, according to the National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education.

“Exposure is hit and miss in elementary school,” Sawko said.

While math was taught in almost all kindergarten through 6th-grade classes in the United States on almost every school day in 2018, science was taught daily in only 17 percent of kindergarten through 3rd-grade classes and 35 percent of 4th- through 6th-grade classes, according to the national survey, which did not calculate those numbers on a state-by-state basis.

Some elementary school teachers are migrating toward a more integrated approach to instruction in order to teach all the required subjects in the class time available. That could mean integrating science into an English language arts lesson or social studies lesson, for example.

The number of minutes California students are taught science in each grade level isn’t being tracked statewide, Sawko said. “There has been a hesitation to count science minutes, especially since we see the integration of science and other standards,” she said.

The California Education Code requires that students learn science beginning in 1st grade and briefly outlines what they should be taught in elementary school and then in secondary school, but it does not specify how much time should be spent on the topic. An online example of test questions for 5th-graders show that most questions are multiple choice and ask students to understand concepts like erosion, velocity and the life cycle of a plant.

The State Board of Education approved a list of recommended textbooks and materials aligned to the new state standards for kindergarten through 8th grade in November. It doesn’t have the authority to approve instructional materials for high school, said Janet Weeks, director of communications for the board. District officials aren’t required to use the state’s list and have the flexibility to use state funds to purchase the instructional materials they believe will best address their students’ and teachers’ needs, Straus said.

District officials shouldn’t rush textbook adoption, Straus said. “I think it is a good process to provide teachers time to learn and understand the new standards and work with them before they select aligned materials,” she said.

Not much is available from publishers yet anyway, said Arlene Laurison, a high school science teacher at Sheldon High School in the Elk Grove Unified School District.

Elk Grove Unified has not yet adopted textbooks and materials aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. The district plans to review materials and to implement pilot programs to try them out beginning next school year, said Xanthi Pinkerton, district spokeswoman. The district will start the pilot programs with 6th through 12th grade next school year and kindergarten through 5th grade the year after.

During a exact general chemistry class at Sheldon High School in Sacramento, Elijah Victor, a junior, and 32 classmates broke into groups of four and gathered matches, candles and beakers filed with bromothymol blue at lab stations. They were to determine if a lit candle held at the mouth of the beaker produces carbon dioxide. Students watched the blue chemical turn green then almost clear, indicating that carbon dioxide is present.

During that experiment and two others performed that afternoon, the room was filled with discussion and laughter as students debated their observations, sometimes drifting off to other lab stations to ask for advice from their classmates.

“I think it’s better than just doing it just on paper, because when you actually are doing the experiment you are actually like really learning about it,” Victor said. When students only take notes from lectures they don’t retain the information as well, he said.

The new science standards are a big change and a big improvement, Laurison said. “The approach is different, it’s not lecture based,” she said. “Instead, the teacher develops experiences for the student so the student discovers on their own. You offer a little pathway that you want students to go on.”

Under the new standards every high school student will learn biology, physics, life science and chemistry, she said.

Teachers are enthusiastic about teaching the new standards because they have changed the way science is taught, making it more stimulating for students, said Shawna Metcalf, a science specialist from Glendale Unified School District who also was a member of the state’s Science Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee.

“Before it was a textbook and worksheets, and the kids weren’t excited about it,” she said. “Now, they (teachers) are seeing their students getting excited about it and they are getting excited about it.”

The Next Generation Science Standards have been adopted by 19 states.

Teachers at the California Science Teachers Association conference in Pasadena in November said they are encouraged to see that the state plans to include science in the California School Dashboard. The dashboard uses a color-coded display that rates the achievement of student subgroups and school districts on indicators like academic performance, graduation rates and suspensions and expulsions.

How well students do on the new science test this year may depend on the level of exposure they have to the Next Generation Science Standards or how much professional learning and support their teachers have received, Sawko said.

Students with no exposure to the new standards could still do well on the test if they have been introduced to basic science concepts in school or at home, she said.

Parents can obtain their child’s test scores from their school district when they become available in November or December, according to officials at the California Department of Education.

“Because we have softened our accountability system it isn’t like any school will get in trouble for low scores,” Williams said. “Hopefully, it will motivate them.”

Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
CA Technologies Announces Intent To Acquire Enterprise Automation Leader Automic

CA Technologies announced today its intent to acquire Austria-based Automic Holding GmbH for approximately €600 million ($636 million). The respective boards of directors have approved the deal, which is expected to close by the end of March 2017.

CA offers products in four portfolios: Agile, DevOps, mainframe, and security, while Automic delivers enterprise automation technology for automating both IT and business processes.

Each vendor recently touted both its digital transformation and DevOps strategies at exact customer events, and in fact, they have deep synergies in both areas. “Automic is super strong in digital transformation,” explains Mike Gregoire, CEO of CA Technologies. “It allows you to change with confidence.”

Whereas most vendors in the DevOps tools marketplace focus on the needs of developers, Automic brings deep experience with the operations environment to the DevOps story. This emphasis complements CA’s expanded support for developers via its 2015 acquisition of Rally Software, which led to its current Agile portfolio. (See my exact article on CA World.)

CA’s DevOps portfolio focuses on performance and quality, but has been weak in business process automation – a gap that Automic will be able to fill. “Automic adds a degree of automation across the software lifecycle,” explains Ayman Sayed, President and Chief Product Officer for CA. “We’ll provide an end-to-end platform for automation.”

The combination of the Rally and Automic technologies will provide CA a solid DevOps story for both the developer and operations audiences, especially for enterprises with existing heterogeneous technology environments.

End-to-End: The Key to Enterprise Digital Transformation

Automic brings more to the table than its support for DevOps, however. Agile and DevOps primarily focus on new software development, but much of the enterprise technology story relies upon existing applications and systems.

Automic’s technology provides automation across a wide variety of mature, or ‘legacy’ assets, from mainframe-based applications to enterprise applications like ERP and CRM. In addition, Automic can automate processes in various cloud environments, providing enterprises with the ability to operate complex hybrid cloud scenarios. (See my exact article on Automic World.)

These diverse automation capabilities complement CA’s strengths with the mainframe, as CA already offers workload automation on the platform, whereas Automic can automate complex processes that touch multiple systems, from mainframes to cloud-based applications.

This end-to-end automation capability is essential for enterprise digital initiatives, as customers and other users must interact with back-office systems of record via their devices – a fundamental requirement for applications as diverse as mobile banking, ecommerce, and patient-centered care in healthcare.

Automation: All About Speed

The common thread across CA’s and Automic’s respective product strategies is speed – speed of software deployment in the DevOps arena, as well as speed to market for the business. “Our customers’ number one issue is speed to market and how to continuously Excellerate their products,” Gregoire says.

Velocity may be paramount, but not at the expense of reliability, scalability, or security. “Enterprise customers are engaging with vendors to support their digital transformation initiatives to increase velocity, reliability and scalability among their businesses processes,” says Todd DeLaughter, Chief Executive Officer, Automic. “Together with CA Technologies, we will help organizations further propel their intelligent automation capabilities to the next level, driving the agility and speed demanded in this era of Digital Transformation.”

Bringing business velocity to both the software lifecycle and the digital business, end-to-end from digital touchpoint to system of record, is the primary technical challenge facing every enterprise today in one form or another. The addition of Automic gives CA Technologies a complete offering for any enterprise struggling with this broadest of digital challenges.

Intellyx publishes the Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster, advises companies on their digital transformation initiatives, and helps vendors communicate their agility stories. As of the time of writing, CA Technologies is an Intellyx customer. None of the other organizations mentioned in this article are Intellyx customers. CA Technologies and Automic covered Jason Bloomberg’s expenses to their respective customer conferences, a standard industry practice.

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0600 Jason Bloomberg en text/html
California credentialing commission working on replacement for studying instruction test

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing staff and a team of educators with expertise in teaching literacy will spend the next four years developing and fine-tuning a performance assessment to replace the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment, also known as the RICA, in order for teachers to earn a preliminary multiple subject or preliminary education specialist credential.

Senate Bill 488, which became law in October, requires that the commission replace the RICA with a performance assessment by July 1, 2025.

The state’s current performance assessments allow teachers to demonstrate their competence by submitting evidence of their instructional practice through video clips or written narrative.

Commission Chair Tine Sloan hopes the development of the assessment will help drive instruction in teacher development programs.

“The success of this performance assessment is not just about creating a robust way for candidates to demonstrate their ability to conduct literacy instruction, it’s an opportunity for programs, one, to use something concrete to design their preparation around, and two, to have data and evidence of the way their candidates are engaging in literacy instruction,” she said at a commission meeting Friday.

The California studying instruction test has been a major hurdle for many aspiring teachers for years, prompting the legislation and efforts by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to look for alternatives. About a third of all the teacher candidates who take the test fail the first time, according to state data collected between 2012 and 2017.

Critics also have said that the test is outdated, racially biased and has added to the state’s teacher shortage. Supporters have argued that it ensures prospective teachers understand how to teach studying based on phonics.

Fri, 11 Feb 2022 01:55:00 -0600 en text/html
Broadcom To Buy CA Technologies In $18.9B Deal


Chip maker Broadcom said on Wednesday that it will acquire software vendor CA Technologies in an all-cash deal that's valued at $18.9 billion, confirming earlier reports that the acquisition announcement was imminent.

San Jose, Calif.-based Broadcom will pay $44.50 per share for CA Technologies as part of the deal, which has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies. The agreement represents a premium of approximately 20 percent to the closing price of CA common stock on July 11, the companies said in a release. The acquisition -- which still needs the approval of CA shareholders and regulators in the U.S., EU and Japan -- is expected to close by the end of this year.

Hock Tan, the president and CEO of Broadcom, said that the combination of CA and Broadcom would create "one of the world's leading infrastructure technology companies."

Broadcom said it intends to fund the deal with cash on hand and $18 billion in new debt financing.

New York-based CA Technologies stock soared nearly 16 percent in after-hours trading to $43.10 per share following the Broadcom acquisition news. Shares of Broadcom fell about 5 percent to $229.98 per share during after-hours trading. Broadcom has a market cap of $108 billion, while CA Technologies has a market value of $15.6 billion.

The CA deal comes just four months after Broadcom's bid to buy Qualcomm for a whopping $121 billion was shut down by President Donald Trump who citing national security concerns. President Trump said there is "credible evidence" that Broadcom's proposed move to exercise control of Qualcomm "might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States."

In November, Broadcom completed its acquisition of Brocade Communications for $5.9 billion to boost Broadcom's position in enterprise storage and networking.

Mark Haranas contributed to this report.

Wed, 11 Jul 2018 11:16:00 -0500 text/html
Teach Academy of Technologies No result found, try new keyword!Teach Academy of Technologies is a charter school located in Los Angeles, CA, which is in a large city setting. The student population of Teach Academy of Technologies is 471 and the school serves ... Thu, 30 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 CA Cloud, Virtualization Push Goes Federal With Base Technologies Buy

CA Technologies' cloud and virtualization strategy moved into the federal space Wednesday with the acquisition of privately-held consulting firm Base Technologies. The move gives CA another weapon in the cloud computing and virtualization arms race, one that will help it target federal clients.

Base Technologies, a McLean, Va.-based IT player that has a growing list of federal, commercial and health-care customers, focuses several facets of IT focusing on the management of government IT assets. Base has practices in virtualization management, mainframe technology security, managed IT infrastructure and cloud computing. Founded in 1987, Base Technologies brings to CA Technologies decades of experience in the U.S. Public Sector, along with customers such as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, National Institutes of Health, Federal Aviation Administration, and Commuter Connections, among others, CA said.

The financial terms of CA's Base Technologies acquisition were not disclosed.

CA said the Base buy expands Islandia, N.Y.-based CA's role as a partner and advisor to public sector customers in all computing environments and platforms, including cloud and virtualization.

"CA Technologies and Base Technologies will provide customers with both deep industry and technical expertise as well as leading management and security products and services for the cloud and virtualization," said Adam Elster, general manager of CA Services, in a statement. "Together, we will help government customers identify the most efficient use of their investments, manage their large-scale programs more effectively, and determine the best use of virtualization and cloud computing."

CA added that the acquisition of Base Technologies boosts the technical capabilities of CA Services and strengthens CA's and its alliance partners' ability to execute on all stages of the federal buying cycle. It also gives CA a better crack at the growing $86 billion market for software and IT services in the federal space, according to data from INPUT's Federal IT Services Industry Outlook.

The Base Technologies acquisition is the most exact in a string of cloud and virtualization-focused acquisitions for CA as the company carves its niche in the growing cloud computing market.

For the last two years, CA has been bulking up its presence in the cloud computing market. In 2010, CA made a host of key cloud acquisitions bringing its cloud computing spending to above $1 billion. The company has also plotted an action plan for the channel and MSPs to leverage the cloud. CA's Cloud Computing Director Adam Famularo has said that CA plans to keep its cloud computing momentum going through 2011.

Base Technologies also represents the second consulting firm acquisition by CA in less than a year. In August 2010, CA acquired 4Base, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based privately held cloud infrastructure and virtualization consulting firm.

Wed, 06 Apr 2011 09:34:00 -0500 text/html
ETAdirect Professional

Tame the Road. Master Time. Decaffeinate Dispatchers.

With ETAdirect Professional, you can do it all in just 4 weeks.

Whether your field service employees number several dozen or several thousand, managing them can become a whole lot easier, smarter and saner. ETAdirect Professional from TOA Technologies enables mobile operations to run smoothly, predictably and efficiently – so efficiently, in fact, that you measure ROI in weeks, not years.

With ETAdirect Professional, you now can:

  • Slash overtime, unnecessary trips and no-shows.
  • Boost job completion rates, on-time performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Provide mobile employees easy access to information, quick connections with co-workers and all the knowledge needed to get the job done right and on time – all in the palm of their hand.
  • Get up and running in as little as 4 weeks, with no capital investment required.

Check out the ETAdirect Professional datasheet at the link above to learn more!

Thu, 26 Feb 2015 18:04:00 -0600 text/html
NVI:CA Novra Technologies Inc.

Novra Technologies Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides hardware, software, and services for the distribution of satellite data in Canada, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. The company offers video distribution products and systems for the provision of end-to-end solutions to traditional and non-traditional video networks; infrastructure solutions for broadcast radio networks, including uplink and receive site equipment, as well as network management, encryption, and targeted regionalization/ad insertion options; and data distribution for hardware infrastructure, as well as content distribution network software solution. It also provides digital cinema network infrastructure and services; appliances for cinemas; decoders for live events; alternative content in 2D and 3D; digital cinema distribution software solutions; and DVB and ATSC compliant receivers for the broadband communications network market. Novra Technologies Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada.

Tue, 12 Dec 2023 02:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Look Ahead: Poway Unified leaders share district’s top priorities and challenges for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Poway Unified School District’s top leaders say the district will continue running successful programs while tackling issues such as budget constraints, aging facilities and staffing challenges.

Superintendent Marian Kim Phelps said the district’s priorities in 2024 include building on the progress made in 2023 and focusing on improving the “world-class educational experience” for all students.

Addressing learning gaps remains a critical priority, Phelps said. The pandemic has impacted student learning, particularly in foundation subjects like math and English language arts, she said. While Poway Unified has among the top test scores in San Diego County, the district aims to ensure more students are meeting and exceeding grade level expectations, Phelps said.

To tackle this, the district continues to invest in professional development, Phelps said.

“The district’s math trainers have done an excellent job in teaching teachers how to make math more accessible and collaborative, helping students shift their mindset for problem-solving,” she said. “For reading, all kindergarten, first and second grade teachers, along with the district’s education specialists, have received training on how to teach studying foundation skills.”

By equipping educators with innovative teaching strategies and resources, Phelps said the district can better support students in bridging gaps. Poway Unified is also providing targeted interventions, tutoring and supplemental learning opportunities at the school sites to ensure students who need extra help are getting it, she said.

Social and emotional learning is also being addressed to ensure students are coming to school, ready to learn, Phelps said.

“This includes fostering personal connections to build school culture and belonging and partnering with families to remove barriers to school attendance and reduce chronic absenteeism,” Phelps said. “One example of this is the district’s Youth in Transition program, providing emergency housing, food, counseling and transportation to students struggling with housing instability.”

Also on the horizon is developing digital citizenship in an increasingly digital world, Phelps said.

“It is essential that students not only become proficient in using technology but also learn to navigate it safely and responsibly,” she said. “This includes setting behavior and expectations on social media and partnering with families to implement guardrails and best practices at home. This year, we will continue the integration of Common Sense Media digital citizenship into the curriculum across all grades, ensuring that students are well-prepared to handle the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.”

Additionally, the district’s Technology & Innovation Department is tackling the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence in education. Students should be taught about critical thinking, potential biases, privacy concerns, and ethical dilemmas inherent in AI technologies, she said.

The district also plans to continue expanding Poway Unified’s global languages and career technical education (CTE) pathways. The district’s students are exposed to multiple languages early on, starting in elementary school. Through Project Lead the Way curriculum, the X-Ploration program, and Hour of Code initiatives, students are diving into science, technology, engineering and math, she said

“Our programs are constantly being adjusted with the help of our business and industry partners, which is vital in preparing students for a diverse and evolving workforce,” Phelps said.

Finally, the district will expand the alternative and flexible learning opportunities for students, she said. With the hybrid school, Connect Academy, the district provides two days of in-person labs, collaboration, and social interaction and three days of live, virtual instruction.

With Poway to Palomar Middle College, high school juniors and seniors attend both college and high school classes while earning their high school diploma and college credits at no cost, Phelps said. Poway Unified also has an agreement with Cal State University San Marcos that guarantees college admission for Poway Unified students who have a 3.0 grade point average or above.

“We are setting the stage for a successful and transformative year ahead,” Phelps said.

Poway Unified school board President Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff said the district’s vision in 2024 remains steadfast: To create the culture and conditions to empower world-class learners. This means that Poway Unified will continue to strive to ensure that every student in the district receives an education that fosters their individual potential and prepares them to thrive in an increasingly global society, she said.

O’Connor-Ratcliff identified several of Poway Unified’s priorities followed by several challenges for 2024. The top priority is to ensure that every student in the district feels a “profound” sense of belonging, she said.

“We recognize, as does study after study, that education is most effective and achievement most pronounced in an environment where students feel safe, accepted, and valued,” O’Connor-Ratcliff said. “PUSD will continue to implement programs that promote inclusivity and social-emotional learning. We want students to feel a connection to others at school, whether peers or adults, and to know that they are cared for, seen, and respected.”

Poway Unified School Board President Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff said a priority is fostering a sense of belonging.

Poway Unified School Board President Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff said a priority is fostering a sense of belonging.

(Courtesy Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff)

Through Unity Days, students spend the day breaking down barriers between classmates, creating more cohesive peer learning communities through recognition of shared experience, she said.

The district is also committed to providing all students with the resources and opportunities needed to challenge themselves and excel, not only in academics, but also in their personal growth, O’Connor-Ratcliff said. This includes offering advanced coursework, grade-level content supports, hands-on learning experiences, and mentorship and internship programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of our student body.

The district will also face challenges in the new year, she said.

Among them are budget constraints. School districts are facing a fiscal “cliff” with one-time COVID funding set to expire, O’Connor-Ratcliff said. That funding allowed Poway Unified to begin the work of helping students recover learning loss and social-emotional and mental health challenges following the pandemic.

“Without that extra funding, our ability to maintain and expand these vital programs will be impacted,” she said.

At a exact school board meeting, the district’s Finance Department shared that for 2024-25, the Poway Unified School District is facing a projected general fund deficit, ranging from $15.6 million to $26.4 million based on current state budget assumptions, O’Connor-Ratcliff said. Declining enrollment, as many families relocate outside of San Diego, also presents a challenge in terms of funding and resource allocation, she said.

“California funds public schools based on enrollment and attendance,” she said. “We are working on strategies to attract and retain students, including enhancing our program offerings and improving our outreach to students who are chronically absent.”

Additionally, school buildings in the district need urgent attention, O’Connor-Ratcliff said. The average age of Poway Unified’s schools is now over 32 years old, yet California does not provide dedicated facilities funding to school districts, she said.

“Any repairs or maintenance takes away money from programs and people funded by PUSD’s general fund,” she said. “As any homeowner knows, not maintaining or ignoring our buildings is not an option. Aging facilities not only pose safety concerns, but also limit our ability to provide a contemporary and world-class learning environment. The state expects local communities to support their local schools through voter-approved bonds. All funds generated by the last bond in 2008 have been used to build and renovate our schools.”

As with many industries, recruiting and retaining high-quality staff is crucial for the district’s success, she said. Poway Unified has top-notch employees, but the district continues to experience staffing vacancies.

“As we head into the new year, we invite readers to join us in shaping a bright and promising future for our children — our community’s rising innovators, leaders, critical thinkers, and learners,” O’Connor-Ratcliff said.

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