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CA-Technologies CAT-340 Exam Braindumps

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CAT-340 CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional thinking | [HOSTED-SITE]

CAT-340 thinking - CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: CAT-340 CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional thinking January 2024 by team

CAT-340 CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional

Exam Details for CAT-340 CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional:

Number of Questions: The CAT-340 exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions. The exact number of questions may vary.

Time Limit: The exam has a time limit of 90 minutes.

Course Outline:
The CAT-340 CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional course focuses on assessing the knowledge and skills required to deploy, configure, and manage the CA IdentityMinder solution for identity and access management. The course outline covers the following key topics:

1. Introduction to CA IdentityMinder:
- Overview of identity and access management (IAM)
- Understanding the features and capabilities of CA IdentityMinder
- Architecture and components of CA IdentityMinder

2. Installation and Configuration:
- Preparing the environment for CA IdentityMinder installation
- Installing and configuring CA IdentityMinder components
- Integration with other systems and applications
- Configuring user provisioning and self-service features

3. Identity Governance and Administration:
- Managing user identities and roles
- Defining and enforcing access policies and workflows
- Role-based access control (RBAC) and entitlement management
- Identity lifecycle management and provisioning

4. User Self-Service:
- Configuring and customizing self-service portals
- Password management and password synchronization
- User registration and profile management
- Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) options

5. Access Request and Certification:
- Access request and approval workflows
- Access certification and compliance reporting
- Audit and monitoring of user access
- Managing privileged accounts and access

Exam Objectives:
The CAT-340 exam aims to assess the following objectives:

1. Understanding of identity and access management concepts and principles.
2. Proficiency in installing, configuring, and managing CA IdentityMinder.
3. Knowledge of identity governance and administration processes.
4. Competence in configuring user self-service features.
5. Familiarity with access request and certification processes.

Exam Syllabus:
The CAT-340 exam covers the following syllabus:

1. Introduction to CA IdentityMinder
- Overview of identity and access management (IAM)
- Understanding the features and capabilities of CA IdentityMinder
- Architecture and components of CA IdentityMinder

2. Installation and Configuration
- Preparing the environment for CA IdentityMinder installation
- Installing and configuring CA IdentityMinder components
- Integration with other systems and applications
- Configuring user provisioning and self-service features

3. Identity Governance and Administration
- Managing user identities and roles
- Defining and enforcing access policies and workflows
- Role-based access control (RBAC) and entitlement management
- Identity lifecycle management and provisioning

4. User Self-Service
- Configuring and customizing self-service portals
- Password management and password synchronization
- User registration and profile management
- Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) options

5. Access Request and Certification
- Access request and approval workflows
- Access certification and compliance reporting
- Audit and monitoring of user access
- Managing privileged accounts and access

Candidates preparing for the CAT-340 exam should thoroughly study each subject within the course outline, familiarize themselves with the exam objectives, and ensure they have hands-on experience with CA IdentityMinder deployment, configuration, and management. It is recommended to practice setting up various identity and access management scenarios using CA IdentityMinder and understand the integration aspects with other systems and applications.
CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional
CA-Technologies IdentityMinder thinking

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CA IdentityMinder r12.x Professional
Question: 44
CA IdentityMinder must integrate with CA SiteMinder in order to:
A. automatically remove white space in passwords.
B. add multiple regular expressions to a single password policy.
C. prevent passwords that are all numeric using a regular expression.
D. specify the maximum number of repeated characters in a password.
Answer: B
Question: 45
Which statement about using Active Directory password synchronization with CA
IdentityMinder is TRUE?
A. The new password is only propagated to the user's native Windows account.
B. Changes to password restrictions on the endpoint are automatically propagated to the
CA IdentityMinder Server.
C. The Password Synchronization Agent must be installed on the system on which
password changes areto be intercepted.
D. The system on which you are installing the Password Synchronization Agent must be
managed by a CA SiteMinder Policy Server.
Answer: C
Question: 46
You have deployed CA IdentityMinder with a CA SiteMinder Policy Server. During the
second day of testing your installation, you receive a "Not Loaded" error message when
you attempt to log in. You check that the User Store is running. Which other action
should you take to investigate this issue?
A. Check the application server log.
B. Verify that theWeb Agent is running correctly.
C. Verify that CA SiteMinder can connect to the User Store.
D. Set the Internet browser option "Show friendly error message"to off to view the status
Answer: C
Question: 47
For workflow installation, many steps that were previously manual are now performed
automatically by the installer. Nonetheless, you still need to use the Management
Console to:
A. create the workflow database.
B. populate the database with trial workflows.
C. enable workflow for your CA IdentityMinder environment.
D. create a JDBC data source and connection file for the application server
Answer: C
Question: 48
Which tasks does Config Xpress enable you to perform? (Choose three)
A. Map dynamic connectors to endpoints.
B. Move components between environments.
C. Publish a report of thesystem components to a PDF file.
D. Publish the XML configuration fora particular component.
E. Create complex business logic without the need to develop custom code.
Answer: B, C, D
Question: 49
Which statement about Task Execution Web Services (TEWS) is TRUE?
A. Its interface is slower than the native web interface due to XML parsing.
B. It enables a CA SiteMinder Policy Server to support CA Identity Minder.
C. It is used by CA IdentityMinder to export data to CA GovernanceMinder.
D. It translates requests into the internal languages of the provisioning software.
Answer: A
Question: 50
Because of a recent acquisition by Forward Inc., which will add 1800 new users to the
system, you decide to use the Bulk Loader to feed the information to CA
IdentityMinder, You will need to prepare a file for the Bulk Loader, containing the
relevant details. Which Bulk Loader input file guidelines do you need to follow?
(Choose three)
A. The file should contain no header.
B. A field representing the action is mandatory.
C. Each file must describe a single managed object type.
D. Multivalued attributes must beseparated by a hash (#) symbol.
E. Attribute names should be the physical or well-known names of the managed objects.
Answer: B, C, E
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CA-Technologies IdentityMinder thinking - BingNews Search results CA-Technologies IdentityMinder thinking - BingNews ca-technologies No result found, try new keyword!© 2023 Fortune Media IP Limited. All Rights Reserved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy | CA Notice at Collection and ... Mon, 21 Sep 2020 10:58:00 -0500 en text/html CA Technologies acquires SourceClear for its DevSecOps portfolio

CA Technologies announced its acquisition of software composition analysis specialists SourceClear early this week with aims to incorporate SourceClear’s SaaS-based SCA tool and proprietary vulnerability database with their Veracode cloud platform.

“We are excited about what this acquisition means for our customers in terms of increased support for SCA in DevSecOps environments and the ability to confidently use open source components without introducing unnecessary risk,” Sam King, general manager of CA Veracode wrote in a blog post

According Sam King, open-source libraries are becoming extremely important because of its ability to save time, reduces inefficiency, and increase developer productivity, but these libraries come with risks. King revealed that 88 percent of Java applications recently analyzed by CA had at least one component-based vulnerability. “With the acquisition of SourceClear, we’re taking a great step forward in bringing that same combination of security, productivity and efficiency to the way developers use and test open source libraries, so that our customers can use open source libraries to accelerate software development without adding unmanaged risk,” King wrote in a blog post.

King says the SourceClear’s SCA solution can not only inform the user about vulnerable components, but also whether that component is being utilized in the application, reducing false positives related to unused components in an open-source library which may be insecure, but inconsequential to a project.

According to projections by SourceClear, there will be nearly a half-billion open-source libraries available to developers within a decade, and the company has aimed to future-proof their utility.

“In addition to tracking public sources like CVEs, SourceClear constantly data-mines millions of commits in open-source libraries, watches thousands of bug-trackers and parses the change-logs of popular libraries,” King wrote. “As a result, customers can even find vulnerabilities that have not been reported to NVD. Each issue includes prescriptive fix information, much of which can be automated to increase speed.”

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
CA Technologies' Otto Berkes Discusses Responsible Artificial Intelligence

CA Technologies’ Otto Berkes spends a lot of time thinking about what’s next in technology, and right now that’s artificial intelligence.

’I know that AI and machine learning are going through a hype cycle, but nevertheless it’s very real and I’m very excited about the opportunities around using data to really capture meaningful and actionable information,’ he said.

Berkes is the chief technology officer at CA Technologies in New York. Berkes joined CA in 2015, having previously worked at HBO, Microsoft and Xbox. One of the products he and his team have been focused: Advanced Analytics, a platform using artificial intelligence to harness data from applications and then using that data to create insights, helping those applications to perform better.

But, as concerns continue over data privacy, Berkes say it’s critical that enterprises stop the collection of personal and identifiable information.

’Data and all the concerns around privacy and personal information are very real and something enterprises have to address,’ said Berkes. ’One of the things you have to do when you test a large-scale application dealing with personal information is to use representative information as part of that testing.’

Berkes is playing a role at CA in developing new products to make it easier for enterprises to play by that rule. One product, for example, has the ability to strip out sensitive information and substitute it with proxies of information that isn’t tied to an individual.

’So, the testing can be very accurate and simulate real world conditions without exposing personal vulnerability,’ said Berkes.

Berkes comments came in an interview with CRNtv. More of his insights can be found in CRNtv’s new series: #TwoMinutes.

Fri, 01 Jun 2018 03:34:00 -0500 text/html
CA Technologies builds out its DevOps portfolio with BlazeMeter acquisition

With its acquisition of continuous application performance testing company BlazeMeter, CA Technologies aims to strengthen its position in continuous testing, testing efficiency, and its DevOps portfolio.

BlazeMeter will integrate with CA’s Continuous Delivery solutions to offer CA and BlazeMeter customers solutions that address testing bottlenecks. It will also provide customers a more diverse set of test capabilities like functional testing and performance testing, according to Jeff Scheaffer, general manager of Continuous Delivery and DevOps business unit at CA Technologies.

“That’s where BlazeMeter fits,” he said. “It’s kind of a new generation of testing capabilities that allows us to shift left.”

(Related: Reliability the main subject at DevOps Velocity)

Technical buzzwords like DevOps, performance and continuous testing were concepts that not too many companies understood in the past, according to Alon Girmonsky, CEO of BlazeMeter. Now, it’s more relevant and is a way for companies to get market faster, he said.

BlazeMeter was continuing on an easy path, growing independently and aiming to make testing easier and more streamlined, according to Girmonsky. Realizing that the market is doing well now for continuous testing and performance solutions, it made sense for an acquisition with CA Technologies, especially since both companies share similar goals, he said.

According to a CrunchBase report, CA Technologies acquired BlazeMeter for an undisclosed amount. A GeekWire report indicated that the company sold for US$100 million.

“CA Technologies can bring to BlazeMeter what BlazeMeter lacks, and that is the sales, the marketing, the reach and scale,” said Girmonsky. “BlazeMeter can bring the technology that CA lacks, which is kind of this continuous testing, DevOps-friendly testing infrastructure. [We can] go to market faster and bigger than BlazeMeter could have on its own.”

Girmonsky also said that he sees CA and BlazeMeter working together to solve a wider set of challenges that enterprise developers face, including common challenges that developers face. One challenge that all developers experience is that every software company seems to be moving to agile, causing them to rebuild their tool stack, he said. As a result, there are new practices, new processes, and lots of integrations that need to be done, he said.

Girmonsky said that BlazeMeter’s focus will remain the same with this newly formed relationship. The company’s passion is continuous testing, and Girmonsky said they will continue to better and add to its services around continuous testing, with better integrations, more applications, up until the point where test operation is completely streamlined, he said.

BlazeMeter currently maintains offices in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto. Scheaffer said one of the good things about bringing BlazeMeter on board is that CA Technologies development sites in Santa Clara. CA Technologies also has a location in the suburbs of Tel Aviv (in Herzliya), said Scheaffer.

Building out the DevOps portfolio
This isn’t the first time CA Technologies has picked up a company in order to round out its DevOps portfolio. From 2011 up until its acquisition of BlazeMeter, CA Technologies has used acquisitions to build out its tool chain.

In 2011, when CA acquired privately held service simulation solution company Interactive TKO (ITKO), it combined the company’s tools with CA’s service assurance, service automation, service management and turnkey offerings, setting it up to compete with the market’s need for better IT-management solutions.

CA Technologies later wanted to build out its support for APIs, making sure its technologies would help customers better secure and manage their APIs quickly and in the cloud. This is when the company acquired Layer 7, a provider of API security and management tools. The acquisition was completed the summer of 2013.

Also, CA Technologies acquired Rally Software in May 2015, which allowed CA to expand its agile development software services. The acquisition also added to its existing strengths in DevOps and management of the cloud.

The reason for all these acquisitions, including BlazeMeter, is because the market has seen a major shift away from close-source, proprietary vendors, and has moved toward offerings that are built on open source as well as offerings from new age technology companies, said Scheaffer.

He said that CA Technologies would look to the collective wisdom of BlazeMeter’s open-source community to adapt the offerings of new technologies entering the market.

BlazeMeter has been growing its open-source developer community as it adds new functionalities to its performance testing tools, and Girmonsky said its continuous application performance testing solution is fully compatible with Apache JMeter and other open-source tools like Gatling and Selenium.

“As you look to scale these [minimum viable products] as part of a center of practice, there is incremental requirements that are necessary, so it’s how you take that open-source community and add value on top, both at the product level and by offering it as a service,” said Scheaffer. “This eliminates all of the complexity and the cost of adoption. Customers are asking for that.”

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
CA Technologies Announces Intent To Acquire Enterprise Automation Leader Automic

CA Technologies announced today its intent to acquire Austria-based Automic Holding GmbH for approximately €600 million ($636 million). The respective boards of directors have approved the deal, which is expected to close by the end of March 2017.

CA offers products in four portfolios: Agile, DevOps, mainframe, and security, while Automic delivers enterprise automation technology for automating both IT and business processes.

Each vendor recently touted both its digital transformation and DevOps strategies at recent customer events, and in fact, they have deep synergies in both areas. “Automic is super strong in digital transformation,” explains Mike Gregoire, CEO of CA Technologies. “It allows you to change with confidence.”

Whereas most vendors in the DevOps tools marketplace focus on the needs of developers, Automic brings deep experience with the operations environment to the DevOps story. This emphasis complements CA’s expanded support for developers via its 2015 acquisition of Rally Software, which led to its current Agile portfolio. (See my recent article on CA World.)

CA’s DevOps portfolio focuses on performance and quality, but has been weak in business process automation – a gap that Automic will be able to fill. “Automic adds a degree of automation across the software lifecycle,” explains Ayman Sayed, President and Chief Product Officer for CA. “We’ll provide an end-to-end platform for automation.”

The combination of the Rally and Automic technologies will provide CA a solid DevOps story for both the developer and operations audiences, especially for enterprises with existing heterogeneous technology environments.

End-to-End: The Key to Enterprise Digital Transformation

Automic brings more to the table than its support for DevOps, however. Agile and DevOps primarily focus on new software development, but much of the enterprise technology story relies upon existing applications and systems.

Automic’s technology provides automation across a wide variety of mature, or ‘legacy’ assets, from mainframe-based applications to enterprise applications like ERP and CRM. In addition, Automic can automate processes in various cloud environments, providing enterprises with the ability to operate complex hybrid cloud scenarios. (See my recent article on Automic World.)

These diverse automation capabilities complement CA’s strengths with the mainframe, as CA already offers workload automation on the platform, whereas Automic can automate complex processes that touch multiple systems, from mainframes to cloud-based applications.

This end-to-end automation capability is essential for enterprise digital initiatives, as customers and other users must interact with back-office systems of record via their devices – a fundamental requirement for applications as diverse as mobile banking, ecommerce, and patient-centered care in healthcare.

Automation: All About Speed

The common thread across CA’s and Automic’s respective product strategies is speed – speed of software deployment in the DevOps arena, as well as speed to market for the business. “Our customers’ number one issue is speed to market and how to continuously Strengthen their products,” Gregoire says.

Velocity may be paramount, but not at the expense of reliability, scalability, or security. “Enterprise customers are engaging with vendors to support their digital transformation initiatives to increase velocity, reliability and scalability among their businesses processes,” says Todd DeLaughter, Chief Executive Officer, Automic. “Together with CA Technologies, we will help organizations further propel their intelligent automation capabilities to the next level, driving the agility and speed demanded in this era of Digital Transformation.”

Bringing business velocity to both the software lifecycle and the digital business, end-to-end from digital touchpoint to system of record, is the primary technical challenge facing every enterprise today in one form or another. The addition of Automic gives CA Technologies a complete offering for any enterprise struggling with this broadest of digital challenges.

Intellyx publishes the Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster, advises companies on their digital transformation initiatives, and helps vendors communicate their agility stories. As of the time of writing, CA Technologies is an Intellyx customer. None of the other organizations mentioned in this article are Intellyx customers. CA Technologies and Automic covered Jason Bloomberg’s expenses to their respective customer conferences, a standard industry practice.

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0600 Jason Bloomberg en text/html
CA Technologies Co-Founder Charles Wang Dies At 74


Charles Wang, a Chinese immigrant who co-founded CA Technologies and built it into one of the largest software companies in the world, has passed away from lung cancer at the age of 74.

Wang spoke no English when he arrived from Shanghai as an eight-year-old boy and settled in Queens with his family. His father, a Supreme Court justice in China, was fleeing a communist takeover, and encouraged his three sons to pursue math and science careers in America, according to a CRN Top 25 profile in 1997.

Wang graduated with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and physics from Queens College where he met classmate Russell Artzt. The duo teamed up up to found CA Technologies in 1976.

With a fiery, competitive drive and New York street smarts, Wang built CA Technologies into a mainframe software powerhouse with an ever expanding software portfolio that was fueled by some 200 acquisitions over the years. At its peak, CA Technologies - which has been renamed CA - was the second-largest software company in the world behind Microsoft.

“I look at the heart,” Wang once told CRN in an interview, speaking about his knack for bringing top talent to CA Technologies. “I want guys who have it. Everything else you can teach.”

Wang was renowned as a deal maker extraordinaire, pushing to get deals done at a frenetic pace. Among the companies CA acquired was Cheyenne Software for $1.2 billion in 1996 -- then considered the largest software acquisition ever. CA followed that up three years later with the acquisition of Platinum Technology for $3.5 billion – again the largest software acquisition ever at the time.

In building CA into a $6 billion powerhouse with 40,000 employees at its peak, Wang became a business icon on Long Island, giving millions of dollar to charities including $25 million to the State University of New York at Stony Brook to establish an Asian Cultural Center.

In 2000, Wang purchased the New York Islanders and used the same drive that he brought to CA to keep the Islanders on Long Island.

Bob Venero, CEO of Holbrook, N.Y.-based solution provider Future Tech, No.115 on the CRN SP 500, said Wang was the epitome of the American dream.

"Charles came to this country with nothing and built one of the most powerful software companies in the world for its time," said Venero. "He was a master deal maker. He built a mega-software empire from the ground up. He was one of those self-made billionaires who never forgot where he came from and the people that helped him along the way."

Venero, a Long Island native and 22-year industry veteran, recalled teaming up with Wang on a partnership to develop Future Suite- a next generation of luxury boxes for sports arenas at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

When the NHL lock-out of 2004 resulted in the cancellation of the season and put the Future Suite partnership under pressure, Venero says Wang agreed to cancel the deal.

"That contract was putting a big financial burden on us, hurting our growth as a company and I told Charles about it," he said. "I'll never forget this- Charles said to me- 'Don't worry about it Bob. We'll cancel the contract. You are off the hook. That is what friends do.'" That deal that did not come to fruition was the start of an even deeper friendship between the two.

Venero recalls Wang asking for a ride in a new Hummer that Venero had recently purchased. "We went for a ride and went off road and he loved it," said Venero. "He was one of the most down-to-earth billionaires that I have had the pleasure of working with."

One of the business lessons that Venero learned from Wang is to always focus on the after sale. "Charles understood that the company you sold product to needed you to be there not just for the initial sale but for the life of the product," said Venero. "He understood the stickiness of the solutions relationship."

Venero said that the relationships like the one he had with Wang was what made it such a joy to be part of the IT industry. "These are the kind of memories that make such a big impact on you," he said. "I can't help but smile when I think what it was like to work with an individual like Charles while he was on this earth."

Mon, 22 Oct 2018 10:59:00 -0500 text/html
Celebrity cybersecurity expert shares tips we can all use No result found, try new keyword!Dr. Chris Pierson is on a mission to protect people from cyberattacks. His clients are high-net-worth individuals like celebrities, athletes, and prominent executives. “We’ll protect ... Fri, 05 Jan 2024 01:23:09 -0600 en-us text/html Salinas, CA The mostly suburban city is located at the mouth of the Salinas Valley while maintaining a close distance to the Pacific Ocean. The climate is ideal for the floral industry and grape vineyards planted by world-famous vintners. Salinas is known for being an agricultural center and also for being the hometown of the noted writer John Steinbeck, who based several of his novels here. Points of interest include the Boronda Adobe History Center and the California Rodeo Salinas. Salinas also boasts an emerging arts scene which can

be seen in its many galleries such as the Valley Art Gallery, the Hartnell College Gallery, the National Steinbeck Center, and the @Risk Gallery, which features cutting-edge and visionary exhibitions. Live local music is available at many restaurants in the downtown area, and during the First Fridays Art Walk event that the city holds. Concerts are held at the historic Fox California Theater, Sherwood Hall and the Salinas Sports Complex, as well as at Hartnell Community College.

... Read More
Fri, 29 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html

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Fri, 14 Aug 2020 22:18:00 -0500 en text/html
CA Technologies
Google Assistant Android memory

Android Intelligence

Google Assistant's forgotten memory magic

Your Android device has a powerful system for helping you recall almost anything imaginable, but — oh, yes — it's up to you to remember to use it.

Sun, 12 Jun 2016 22:06:00 -0500 en text/html

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